Yarn.social is a decentralized self-hosted social media that has a privacy-first focus.

There are no ads, no tracking and no personal information is ever collected or stored.

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Getting Started

🤗 Join an existing Pod

You are welcome to join one of the existing pods listed here:

📱 Mobile App

There is a native Mobile App for Yarn.social pods available called “Goryton for Twt” available on both Apple App and Google Play stores.

See Goryon for details

🧶 Run a Pod

If you have Docker installed and available to run containers you can run a yarnd instance by simply running:

$ docker run -p 8000:8000 prologic/yarnd

Otherwise it is recommended to clone the source code and build yarnd from source. Be sure to have Go installed.

$ git clone https://git.mills.io/yarnsocial/yarn
$ cd yarn
$ make deps
$ make

Now run your instance by running:


For options see yarnd --help.

💪 Manually

Since Yarn.social is built upon the Twtxt spec with a few small extensions, all you need to do to join the network and participate in the growing number of users and conversations is have:

🌐 Hosting

Coming soon™


The following supporting services help to support the Yarn.social platform and are provided for the benefit of all users:

💾 Sources

The project is managed by a self-hosted Gitea instance at https://git.mills.io/yarnsocial


If you would like to help the project and contribute ideas, bug-fixes, improvements, etc, we’re always looking for new contributors and we still have loads of things to do!

Please reach out to @prologic or join our Gitea instance at https://git.mills.io/ and start filing issues and pull requests to the main project https://git.mills.io/yarnsocial/yarn


We have an IRC channel #yarn.social on the Libera.Chat IRC network. You are welcome to come chat to us and hang out.

Privacy and Abuse Policy

Yarn.social is a decentralised social media platform that supports micro-blogging (Twts) and full blogging. Pods (or individual instances) are owned and operators by “Pod Owners” or “Pod Operators”. Pods can either be configured as single-user or multi-user (the default).

As such all Yarn.social pods share the following defaults Abuse and Privacy policies:

Note: The privacy policy applies to ALL Yarn.social pods as the software yarnd DOES NOT collect any personali identifable information from users (PII), or any metadata or analytics of any kind nor does it send, sell or transfer any data from pods to any 3rd-parties.


Most of the software components here are licensed under the terms of the MIT License with the exception of the hosting platform.