Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is a “social media” alternative?

A: Yes and no. is really an ecosystem, a collection of specifications, clients and tools that users can use to interact with one another “socially”, in an open and transparent manner.

Q: Does use Twtxt?

A: Yes. And it also extends the Twtxt specification with Extensions.

Q: Are any of these extensions required or mandatory?

A: Absolutely not!

You are free to use Twtxt however you wish.
You are also free to use all, some or none of the Extensions.
The choice is yours! However, most (if not all) of the extensions were a formalization of what was already being actively used by the Twtxt community. See below for more details.

Q: Which are the most important Extensions?

A: Of course any ranking is debatable, but since all extensions have
the goal of improving interaction, and some of them were born out of what
a lot of feeds settled on already, these extensions might help you:

  1. Twt Hash Extension
    in combination with
    Twt Subject Extension
    for forming conversation trees;
  2. Multiline Extension
    for writing longer twts with paragraphs;
  3. User-Agent Extension
    for discovering feeds with multi-user clients;
  4. Metadata Extension
    for additional feed metadata (e.g., description); and
  5. Archive Feeds Extension
    for archiving and rotating long feeds.

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