About Yarn.social

A brief history

Yarn.social was originally created around July 2020 when James Mills the creator and original author of many of the software components was looking for decentralised social media alternatives (probably for the umpteenth time!) and came across an interesting spec and some software was found around a very simple file format called Twtxt.

As a former Facebook Inc. engineer, James was acutely aware of the negative impacts “traditional” social media has on not only individuals but community as a whole.

James quickly set out to try out a few clients such as twet and eventually started building one himself in the form of a web application. Suddenly the first (of what is now many) Yarn.social pods was born and twtxt.net was launched on the 20 July 2020.

Since then the project has developed through several growth phases. Including but not limited to; rebranding, collaboration in the open source community and many self-hosted independent pods.

Why Yarn.social?

One of the primary reasons why Yarn.social was created in the first place was out of frustration with traditional social media and blogging platforms.

Traditional social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, WhatsApp, TikTok, Twitter and many others are all entered around a few key ideas:

Most folks are okay with this, many don’t understand the impact this has on their lives and the cost to consumers in our everyday lives.

If something is free, you are the product

There are a few side effects to platforms such as the ones mentioned above and as you’re probably using one right now, here is what you should know:

This is why decentralised social media is so important and even more so today than ever before. If you have something to say, an opinion to share, an article you want to publish, photos or videos to share, why should your data privacy and security be up for sale?

With Yarn.social it isn’t! We believe in an open, honest and transparent social media experience. Yarn.social is made up of a very simple specification and a set of protocols that are themselves based on Standard Web Technologies that anyone can implement and participate in.

Our Rules

The Yarn.social platform, its software components, specifications and ecosystem has a few simple rules:

Our Vision

Yarn.social’s vision is simple:

To provide an open, privacy focused and transparent social media experience to all.

Our Philosophy

At Yarn.social we like to keep things simple, therefore our philosophy is also quite simple and is something we adhere to when building the platform, making improvements, discussing new features and ideas and collaborating with others.

Join us!

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